“Mark Katzman’s weird and wonderful Playdate looks like a poem and reads like a novel. Fast, ever so fast and on point, it hurtles you through its dizzying narrative and leaves you gasping for breath. What a book. Once you start, it’s impossible to stop reading.”
–Paul Auster

“A weird wild ride with a protagonist that’s more sophisticated than Lester Ballard and more hysterical than Norman Bates.”
–Jim Ruland, author of Forest of Fortune

INoN, Collections: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Hargrett Library - University of Georgia, Emory University, Savannah College of Arts & Design, University of Missouri - Kansas City, Kansas City Arts Institute Library, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, Santa Barbara, Art Institute of Chicago Library, University of Utah, Virginia Commonwealth University, Seattle University.

Along the Way, CollectionsUniversity of Arizona - Special Collections, Getty Research Institute Research Library, University of Missouri - Kansas City, Special Collections, University of Virginia, McGehee Lindemann Miniature Collection, University of Wyoming - Coe Library, Canoso Miniature Books Collection, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus Library, Evergreen State College Library.

BASIC is Mark Katzman (electric/acoustic guitars) and Jere Hanney (bass, drums, keyboard, percussion).

Prairie Fields, an album of instrumental soundscapes, was released in 2015. A new EP is due in 2017.

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Artist Books

INoN, Nexus Press, 1990. Edition of 350. Artist scroll. Art and design by Susan Kress. 

Along the Way, Pequeno Press, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Edition of 55. Artist miniature book. Art and design by Jaime Gonzalez and Pat Baldwin at Waterleaf Mill & Bindery.

Limbo is a short, experimental film created to precede the one-women play, Advocate, for the the Georgia Fine Art's Academy's sixth Café Apollinaire, held at Ciné, Athens, GA, on Nov.19th, 2014.

"William Bronk is some kind of vast, reflective prism, who now feels to me more like a principle or law of some kind than simply my mentor, friend, and spiritual father." 

Desire and Denial: The William Bronk - Mark Katzman Correspondence, a talk, was given at New York University on April 13, 2012 at the William Bronk Symposium, chronicling Katzman's seventeen-year friendship with the poet, whose book, Life Supports and Other Poems, won the National Book Award for Poetry in 1982. It is included in William Bronk in the Twenty-First Century - New Assessments, published by Talisman House (2014).



The New York Times Obituary, February 25, 1999


Life Supports: New and Collected Poems

Vectors and Smoothable Curves: The Collected Essays of William Bronk, New Edition

Bursts of Light: the Collected Later Poems

The Force of Desire: A Life of William Bronk, by Lyman Gilmore

The Poetry of William Bronk, by Paul Auster, The Saturday Review, July 8, 1978

Modern American Poetry

The Mind's Landscape: William Bronk and Twentieth Century American Poetry, by David Clippinger

The 'Winter Mind': William Bronk and American Letters, by Burt Kimmelman

Penn Sound Archive- Bronk reading and in conversation

Comparing Bronk and John Ashberry, an essay by Susan Schultz, in Modern American Poetry

A Green World, by Dan Piepenbring, in The Paris Review, Feb. 17, 2015


Stanley Kunitz - American Museum of Natural History, February 28, 2003, in conjunction with the website: Imagine, Nature.

Timothy Leary - UP IT, Artzar, 1996. permanently morphing on fusionanomoly.net since 2001.

William Bronk - At Home in the Unknown, Artzar, 1996.

Robyn Hitchcock - Moss Elixer, Mondo 2000, 1996.

William Orbit - Strange Alchemy, Mondo 2000, 1996.

John Gurche - Falling into the Iceman's Arms, Artzar, 2001.

Michael Gosney - being-in now, Internet Underground, 1997.

Mark Eitzel - Failin Better, Mondo 2000, 1996.

Vanessa Briscoe Hay - A Tourist in the Land of Rock 'n' Roll,               AthensUncharted.com, 2017.